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What does GetGuide do?
GetGuide is a travel tool that let you create personalized itinerary using AI, add your friends and family and provide you external link to book directly with end suppliers.

Its Absolutely free. We only will be paid by end supplier once you book with them using our platform.

We do not sell nor offer any tours. GetGuide is a tool that individuals can plan and book all they may need for their vacation.

At this time we are only providing external links for flight, accommodation, and transportation. We are working hard to add more features such as things to do, customized one day tour etc.

It’s important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic. Our external resources page does provide links to a number of websites that contain excellent background information related to travel health issues. Nevertheless these websites are no substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional.

We are using a powerful search engine to compare different travel service providers and you will be suggested only the best match deals and best affordable price based on your personal preferences.

All payment and transaction is between you and end supplier directly. (for instance the airline or hotel ). Once you are satisfied with your itinerary you can click on each part of services that you want to book and you will be redirect to end suppliers external link. if you make a payment and book a service , its your own choice and transaction will be handled on supplier end.

GetGuide provides an opportunity not only for those lacking ideas towards traveling , but also for frequent travellers who are done with typical  holidays .

Our focus is on keeping both quality and quantity based on your budget and favorite style of trip. We understand the fact that you may not have enough time to scour the web for the appropriate hotel, activities, etc.

In short, it is time saving and economizing in comparison with typical websites or travel agencies. In addition, we have a combination of human and AI technology (Artificial intelligence)

Unlike other typical travel agencies which have a list of hotels and prepared activities for all people, we consider each traveler as a different individual with different incomes, expectations, needs, preference and desires.

GetGuide Application is available on App Store (Google play coming soon). It is free and easy to use. If you ever face a problem working with our application please contact our support team.

Yes.  GetGuide is a global project which has started in the wide country of Canada so We are always looking for volunteers to help us in every aspects of our business. We are searching for three types of career options which consist of: Service providers inside Canada (different organizations which provide services for tourists), travel agencies all over the world and qualified employees for our human resources department. If you are enthusiastic about cooperating, please fill in the job request forms and send your CV to our communication manager’s email address. For more info please check our cooperation page.

Located in continent of North America, this great country is an absolute Paradise for any traveler. We’ve established our company in the land of opportunities, beauty and impressive nature which is welcoming to diversity and cultural differences. Its climate varies significantly across its enormous area. Ski lovers can enjoy arctic weather in the north, beach lovers are gripped by the blazing summer sun in the southern parts with four distinctive seasons.

GetGuide is one of Invest-Ottawa’s portfolio company at this stage; IO is one of the biggest Canadian business incubators and we are part of IBM I3 accelerator program. We are dealing with multiple national and international organizations in order to expand our business network and our human resource. Our partners are Viator ,Kiwi.com, Stripe and Booking.com .